Eclectic interior design ideas for your home furnishings

Actually is synonymous with freedom in the interior design of our opinion to eclectic. It’s about this in today’s article again. However, we want to clarify one before: the eclectic represents not only More »

Golden wallpaper radiate warmth and magical moments

The value of gold seems to be imperishable. The challenges and threats which people go to get gold up are also memorable. This value metal is the most popular and most expensive More »

Living room – what colors come in the shortlisted wall colors?

What wall colour would you prefer happy for your living room? You want something, what will impress the people? Right in the living room most of the guests didn’t come? Blue and green More »

Ideas to the youth room design – 5 cool examples

A major challenge is often to create a space where he can sleep at the same time, study and reading, for a teenager. All young people are different – some want to More »

Small apartment furnished in bright colours

The talented team of the Dupuis design is already known in California and Paris thanks to its facilities in bold colors. This small apartment is the new home of a girl of More »


Eclectic interior design ideas for your home furnishings

white eclectic interior design ideas

Actually is synonymous with freedom in the interior design of our opinion to eclectic. It’s about this in today’s article again. However, we want to clarify one before: the eclectic represents not only a mix of different styles. We have a

Great children’s facility with effective methods for space saving

nursery space-saving device

Yes, no more coming on this topic! Space must be. Children also need to know these benefits when they are still young. So they will have sure it much easier in life. While this is not uncomfortable for the little ones!

Panoramic Windows in the interior design

spacious living room picture windows looking

Spontaneously but at such wording says to himself: what’s the question? You should be of course! But it is not so easy! In addition to the beauty, there are also many difficulties and disadvantages for the environment associated with it?

Old furniture redesign – the old sewing machine use as vintage furniture

make old antique furni new

Creating and integrating vintage is undeniably an art furniture. But this is always accessible and easier for the ordinary people. You could realise even your very own DIY ideas. We want to assist you today with concrete examples. It involves the

Landscaping ideas – 12 great projects for garden paths

stones and pebbles garden design ideas garden path design

The walk in the garden plays a very important role for the general feeling, which you have in an outdoor area. Therefore, it is important that it is running on an individual and elegant manner. Today we see different-shaped plates

Creative garden ideas – an inspiring garden in all its glory

creative gardening ideas gardening and landscaping patio blzumen

The wonderful house from the images below covers about 4, 6 thousand square meters. The main idea in whose design represents that you constructed it completely from recycled materials. The projects by Luciana Bianchi in France served as sources of

Lounge furniture in the garden for an outdoor party area

Sunset lounge furniture in the garden

The designer tips are a good thing. Good taste is often individually. From time to time, it can bring but also about, look at the celebrities.Because they have the means, get to choose the best of the best. So you

Children’s fashion – great nursery for two girls

nursery ideas fairytale design

Children’s fashion for two girls – beautiful interior solutions children’s fashion is no easy task. The little ones from their room we now want to tell you, are respectively 2 and 5 years old. Overall, they inhabit an area of

Ideas for the decor of the interior courtyard with fountain

original ideas exterior landscaping

Do you like the flowing water? Would you like to integrate a fountain in the courtyard to listen to the water flow? Or maybe you could use at home so something good? Because thus more beautiful to make not only

Houseplants on the terrace – green interior design ideas with a twist

make houseplants living room deco coffee table wood plant species

The great green terraces, which have been integrated in a metropolitan setting are a hot topic in our online magazine this month. Here are some great examples of this. Therefore, these examples were chosen because they look enviably good and