Connect Shabby Chic living room – old and new in the living room design

If you want to have a traditional living room, putting on interior design styles, which can be identified at once and therefore the living room look unique. The Shabby chic style is More »

DIY decoration for those of you who need a renewal

Some people decorate a room and that was it! Others, however, have the need regularly to do something new. Time and again, they need supplies of cheap DIY decorating ideas.Did you recognize More »

Party Decoration in Moroccan boho style for future mothers

This idea for Partydeko in Moroccan boho style is really unique. It is original, exotic and somehow very universal, what is the taste. She would be told especially for baby showers and More »

Fireplace set up – 50 living ideas in various styles

You want to set up a fireplace? We will show you how it’s done! With little color and much creativity you can master the task in no time. In particular, it is More »

Room Setup ideas according to the zodiac sign

The various features which characterize the Zodiac, affect many aspects of their life. The interior design is no exception. According to this criterion, the rooms set up ideas to seek out, could More »


45 fantastic wood tiles and their effect on your comfort

Collage 1 decadent tiles Wood tiles imitation wood interior ideas

Refreshing interiors with wooden tiles The natural materials used in the House remind us of nature and our proximity to this. For this reason, they are particularly popular. Looking for varied ways to use them in their own home. Alone for

50 bunk beds – perfect for the nursery, if you want to save space

Shawn beds nursery make young striped rug

Bunk beds save space in the children’s room and make it come alive for What family does not dream of an own apartment? At the same time it is forced to cope with small rooms to do this for many reasons.

Faucet – something very special from Barber Wilson

faucet kitchen faucet Basin Faucets

Today, we present more evidence, that in the modern home everything can be customized. Designers make something even from a faucet. This demonstrates the work of Barber Wilson. Today found this company taps throughout England. Barber Wilson was founded in

How To Use Christmas Ornaments In Home Decor: 49 Ideas

Golden bells close views

Today we want to rediscover alongside you as part of the decoration Christmas campaigns, see great ideas to use as Christmas ornaments bells and also some original ideas to make homemade crafts with Christmas Bells, don’t miss our collection of

Recessed and pendant luminaire Skygarden with relief from plaster

downlight plaster skygarden diffused light

The installation and the Italian manufacturer Flos Skygarden pendant lamp outfitted with extraordinary design. The highlight is a classical stucco painted plaster diffuser white decorated, inside. The designer Marcel inspired wanders from the fantastic ancient ceiling with floral decorations of

IKEA rattan furniture – 25 design ideas with the best sellers from IKEA

IKEA rattan furniture lamp light shade netting model SINNERLIG

Furniture and home accessories made of natural materials create cosy atmosphere and bring a piece of exotic flair into the House. Runners and rugs, small and seating-mesh offer at affordable price at one of the largest furniture manufacturers. IKEA rattan

13 DIY Christmas tree alternatives crafts for children

Christmas children make alternative baby felt wall decoration do it yourself

If a small child in the household with lives, it is sometimes a real challenge to keep the Christmas decorations completely and in the right place. Children are curious and very adept at hiding and breaking of small shiny objects.

50 vintage wallpaper ideas that give the room an incomparable charm

wallpaper vintage Grünwald golden bedroom curtains design

Vintage wallpaper makes characteristic look the interior design, by affixing it to a different level Wallpapers can be classic or UltraMon, come from the Baroque era or in the Shabby chic style are designed. You can be a vintage… Those are

44 models mirror cabinet for the bathroom with lighting!

unique design bathroom mirror cabinet with lighting

Bathroom is a small room, maybe the smallest room in the entire apartment. In the first moment, it would thank that if a room is small, it more easily and quickly can set it up. Very wrong. Although the bathroom

Decorative fireplace in the nursery – 25 idyllic living ideas

Art Deco fireplace mantelpiece deco stuffed animals of toys toddler accessories nursery design ideas

A fireplace in the bedroom is not typical buildings new construction for the, but in old buildings there to meet yet one way or another. For several reasons, this is completely closed and serves only as a decorative fireplace. The