Safari hut out of driftwood for a comfortable vacation

This Safari hut out of driftwood is called Sandibe Okavango and located in Botswana. The design aims to write perfectly in the environment. This can be achieved mainly through the depths of More »

Pink Wall color super nice examples!

The Pink Wall color is, of course, a not so ordinary decision for the murals in the apartment, with the exception of the nursery. However, the pink has many nuances and can More »

Interior Design in Mexican style

If you love strong emotions, then you would find great certainly also the Mexican style in the interior design. Because it involves the sharp pepper at the interior design at all! We More »

Ideas with photo wallpaper forest – let nature into your home!

The forest is the place where one remains alone with his thoughts, concerns, questions, and dreams. You can allow to consider, to calm down, set its objectives and priorities and enter in More »

The magic of simplicity in a serene home

After I visited Mexico for a short vacation, the Brittney Borjeson decided to change the city’s hectic lifestyle of her homeland, with a quiet life in the seaside town of Sayulita, on More »


Bathroom with sauna plan – what do you need?

Sauna Bathroom plan glass wall two people

Who wants to create a real oasis of well-being in your own four walls, you can schedule a bathroom with sauna. Sauna lovers would be excited by this idea, because sauna manufacturers offer already individual solutions for every taste at

Feng Shui living room set ideas

Feng Shui corner set up around the living room coffee table plants cremeweiss Wall shelf

The living room is often the focal point of the House for the whole family even after receiving in the hallway, invited guests and visitors in the living area. It is a place where you feel well in a harmonious

Style ideas for establishing a luxurious villa in Thailand

baroque gothic style ideas furniture Luxury Side Table

The Iniala Beach House consists of three villas and a penthouse, which together are all in a beautiful complex in Thailand. Each villa has also three suites. Ideas were elected for each of the 10 bedrooms different style to set

Safari hut out of driftwood for a comfortable vacation

Driftwood Living Idea safari lodge design outdoor

This Safari hut out of driftwood is called Sandibe Okavango and located in Botswana. The design aims to write perfectly in the environment. This can be achieved mainly through the depths of much wood that has been processed to striking

The family kitchen – cooking and enjoying with young and old

dark brown drawers Ideas Kitchen Designs Classic Iceland

The kitchen is the center of every house. Here is not only cooked, but also laughed together tried and even ate in a room and played. Just the family kitchen is an always popular spreading place for parents and their

Cork floor lay – practical alternative to wood floors

Cork embarrassed bathroom color modern

The cork flooring offers a convenient alternative to traditionally popular wood floors, laminates and parquet. Because the material is sustainable, natural and easy to care for. Who wants to install a cork floor, bring nature to your home and enjoy

Designer mailbox made of wood and steel in contemporary styling

Mailbox designer Steel Wood standing modular construction

A modern House deserve a modern designer letterbox. The Australian Design Studio Javi design Lee Rodezno has reconsidered the place of letter boxes in the House design and designed this project for the generation of still-conscious homeowners, once was, he

Nursery Ideas – creating more playful order


Smart nursery ideas – banish the chaos from the nursery Within a very short time, children want to discover and explore as much as possible of the fascinating world around them. Minor things like cleaning up are forgetting most of

Garden House with terrace: 34 amazing shots!

garden house with terrace with a jacuzzi

We have prepared something special for you. As the summer is coming, we decided to make an interesting post about the Garden House with a terrace. In this sense, we have brought together not 20, not 30, but 34 striking home

Regal staircase: clever idea for your home

regal staircase and white look interesting

We are big fans of practical design ideas. And who is not a fan at all? All try to equip your home as practical as possible. In this sense, multifunctional furniture are particularly popular and preferred. Of course they must