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1Decor is a web portal that closely monitors the most interesting and fresh decorating concepts developed by aspiring design artists and inventive folk and shares it with other people on the Internet.
It makes our online platform is a true haven for interior design enthusiasts. The idea that a quality home decorating must be incredibly expensive is a myth and we bust it with actual facts, creative concepts and useful home interior design tips.
Discover how to make out the most out of your house’s planning, location, lighting and other individual features. Transform and individualize every room in your apartment, home or cottage. The super inclusive range of recommendations, suggestions and innovative articles available on 1Decor will give you a hand.
From bathroom decorating ideas to transforming your attic into a sophisticated loft – we have got everything that may come in handy.

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Learn about the latest interior decorating hits, most popular patterns and materials of the current year and use this knowledge to give an entirely new, modern vibe to your entire habitat, regardless of its size and age.

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The state of your house interior and state of your soul are in balance. It is a well-known fact. Use the home decorating tips you find here to turn your place into a real refuge that will offer you solace after a hard working day, be your R&R zone and party harbor every weekend and leave your friends and neighbors in awe.