Enter the current green in decorative styles

Since we are already seeing the designers of the moment begin to introduce color into their minimalist and contemporary designs. It’s a trend that started not long ago but is gaining popularity. More »

White interior doors for your home

If we wollwn change the interior in our house, we are in most cases too skeptical of the white color. Actually, white can be really beautiful and very stylish, for himself alone, More »

Great Ceiling: Vaulted ceilings inspiration for thousands of years

The vaulted ceilings have been known for thousands of years. In smaller rooms, a flat ceiling easily and cheaply built. In larger rooms, or in a series of rooms with flat ceilings More »

Bold color design – colors bring spirited atmosphere in house

Designer Jenna Gross is crazy about colors. That’s why she called your company Color drunk designs. If it then sometime concern was that they had to make their own home in Georgia, More »

How can you speed up the sale of your home

There are many factors in selling a home. The economic situation and the season are some of the most important. The happiness could also play an important role, if you’re wondering why More »


Modern neutral living room colors design

modern living room upholstered sofa white marble Kafeetisch books bearing surface

If you want to renovate just your House / apartment, and create a modern living room, we come gladly to help – with these ideas in neutral colors. You think that neutral colors is boring and would rather set up

Creative Mobile reading furniture allows diversity design

Design Reading malcew furniture office furniture store with pitched roof form

Reading can be a pure pleasure. This idea will delight all fans of reading. Flexible tree house is designed by Malcew design for an office space in Singapore. The reading area with integrated shelves is mounted on wheels and makes

Children’s room with bunk beds

nursery with bunk bed michael abrams limited

Have you even wondered why children are so crazy about bunk beds? These are much more than simple sleep stations. You are rocking the imagination and are perceived by them as an adventure. In all cases, this kind of a

Ideas for interior lighting with spectacular designer lamps

Floor Lighting Modern Floor Lamps indirect diffuse light

The sense of security and comfort, that conveys our home, are the prerequisites for our well-being at home. The right light concept is one of the most important aspects of the design. With the matching interior lighting at the same

Incredible bedrooms overlooking the sea

simple bedroom open

Coastal houses have an advantage – they offer infinite views of the sea, and you can enjoy the beautiful view through glass walls. The unique location inspired the architects to design the House as open as possible. It has proven

Red recharges your interiors with energy

room design ideas with red color dining room carpet

Interior design with color – create an energetic atmosphere under all colours is the red, perhaps the strongest and most aggressive color. You radiate energy, symbolizes passion and is one of the so-called warm colors. Thanks to its properties, the

inspiration Youth room design

make children's bedroom modern inspirational

No longer do his room like her child? It finds this boring, unpersöhnlich and ugly? Your child has become already a teen anger. As such, he has different needs and preferences, you often can not understand. It also refers to

Inspiration living room furniture examples you

set living room stylishly elegant

The living room is the most visited area in the apartment. Where one spends his leisure time, you watch TV and recovered, one in the living room invites guests. Precisely for this reason, this room should combine comfort and style.

Big fluffy sofas designs

Large comfortable sofas Corbeille Edra

The sofas are important pieces of furniture in our House. It is the ideal place where you can chat with a few friends in the living room or you can simply relax while watching TV. You can now change the

Amazing Quilted beds designs

padded headboard

We all care about our furniture will look like. To buy a new bed is sometimes like a new car to buy, because it actually comes down to how it actually looks. The design is most important, and everyone has