Children’s room on pretty: so you make a child happy

Have children and get parents more often to hear complains your slip over the dreary nursery? Although you can do little against the fact that your offspring may be too small is More »

Buying furniture and interior design: Quality, intelligent lighting design

Your home is for many people not only sleeping place, but also well-being. According to a survey, this represents 90 percent of 1336 interviewed for “Security”. Furniture and lighting design can enhance More »

Artistic apartment with black and white color scheme

Who says home decorated in exclusively black and white combination has to be minimalist? Even without a vibrant and rich colors, there are many other ways to show creativity and individuality through More »

Dom natural and neutral colors

Today we take you to a beautiful home blogger Stella and her family in Australia! The house was built in the 50s of the last century, and the owners liked its location More »

Blue apartment in Paris

This chic loft in Paris designed a studio Murs et Merveilles. The former trade from the twenties of the last century gave way to space the family home. The space is open, with More »


On these points, make sure if you buy furniture

Sofa and ideas for living room

The purchase of furniture is one of the most important errands , if one refers to his new home. No matter whether it is the living room, the kitchen or the bedroom, everything should be tailored to the personal taste. Furniture

What is the ideal focal point? Tips for living room Setup

orchid color many pictures on the wall

How do you turn an ordinary room a special space? It’s very simple! Accessories and decoration must be brought into the room. Kleinigkiten, how about figures or flowers, are not enough. Especially your room to let, you need a huge

BB´s works fine in the study, with these tips


Order is very important at work. But how to ensures order in the study? Here you will find important tips that can help. Presentation and storage Draw a clear line between your promotional material and things that just go to

Setting up a small apartment – ideas and tips


Set up a flat or a House can be very much fun. It allows the creativity free rein and can unleash his inner child part. When the design of planning with friends and family, it’s so beautiful. But what if

Blue Chair Decor How To?

appropriate state of the blue seats

Blue cold colours group, although the effect of calming a color very popular, quite often encountered is a color. In recent years, almost every furniture brand, we can see to put colorful yurts showcase. In living rooms through the use

Beige living room decoration (45 Beige living room Example)

Green beige compatible hall

Beige color-related tip may not be always easy to give because it’s so different, it’s always the same beige tones that recommendations not to express. Beige Brown who stole money dictionary of color ‘ yellow ‘. However, when looking at

25 modern bathrooms to create a clean Look

modern bathroom ideas pinterest

Since the bathroom is often thought of as one of the most valuable rooms in your House, it’s only natural to want to think long and hard about how to make design changes better. Those looking for ideas of modern

30 fresh and modern ideas of top kitchens

modern yellow kitchen ideas

The work plan of the kitchen is the perfect place to add the finishing touch to your kitchen design. No matter what ideas of top of the kitchen you are attracted, selected materials that are durable and built to withstand

LED lighting at the service of Smart Cities

lamp design interior design ideas Furniture Lighting Ideas 2

LED lighting at the service of Smart Cities. It is now known that for Smart Cities are all those smart cities of the future that respect some basic parameters to obtain a significant improvement for the municipalities themselves and their

Connor Cycles Woody Scorcher 29 

Connor Cycles Woody Scorcher (3)

Bikes that aproveitam HA I tocos das árvores e outras which até usam or material do colete a prova em sua fabricacao bullets. Conheça abaixo, you five bicycles produzidas sustentáveis models by hand. Woody 29er Scorcher, gives Connor Cycles Já